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Faster Video Playback

If you ever watched a video demo on SuperFit, you may have noticed the video either did not play or takes very long to load. Moving forward, video demos are optimized to playback based on your device’s connection speed. SuperFit will stream a low or high resolution video depending on a poor LTE connection outside, or faster internet on your home WiFi. The faster you can play the video, the more efficient you can learn your workout.

Video Thumbnails

Many exercises now have a video image thumbnail next to its name. It’s not a major change to Workout mode, but we found it easier on the eyes to glance through an exercise list with quick images instead of all text. Let us know if it helps!

Modify Set Input Data in Workout Mode

This feature should have been on the app since Day 1. Well… it was — but I removed it in v2.0. It’s back now 🤫.

Now you can change how much weight or reps you actually completed in Workout Mode. “I was only able to do 7 pushups, but the app instructed 10, I don’t want to make it complete because that’s not accurate” – said frustrated user.

⚡️ In v2.1.1, simply tap the prompt and modify the set numbers as needed. You can even update future sets if you know you plan on doing more or less than what SuperFit suggests.

One more thing

New Product, New Logo

I’ve been working on a tool for coaches to create and share their workouts onto SuperFit — it’s called ‘Remote’. If you enjoy using SuperFit and the workouts offered in our catalog, I’m excited to share that coaches and fitness professionals can soon upload their own workout plans on SuperFit. They can share it with people like you, and you would complete workouts just like you are now!If you know coaches who’d be interested in easily creating & sharing their workouts with the world, they can learn more about the tool here:

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