The difficulty of an exercise should be based on its goal.

With SuperFit, we take that decision off your hands so you can stay focused on actually doing the exercise.

Take a look at the exercise goal suggestion underneath every exercise title in the app, and you will find a short action text describing how you should approach each exercise.

SuperFit provides a common set of suggestions that I will cover in more detail below.

1. More Weight or More Reps

When an exercise suggests more weight or reps, the amount of weight or intensity can feel open ended. Rest assured and know that there is no right answer. Exercise intensity varies per person, and it should be based on how you feel during each workout. Fortunately, as you train more, you will start feeling more in-tuned with the intensity your body can handle, depending on an exercise. That’s an experience thing that will come naturally, but what if you are new to strength training and fitness?

2. Technique and Quality

Exercises that suggest ‘Technique and Quality’ are suggesting that you put even more emphasis on proper technique and form when doing the exercise. You will often see this suggestion in beginner and intermediate programs, as well with exercises that require extreme technical focus, like the barbell ‘Power Clean’. Make sure you’re following the suggested video tutorial found in the SuperFit app, and do not even consider the reps or weight you’re using if you’re not confident that your technique is not excellent.

Apart from specific exercise goals, here are some general rules to follow regardless of the exercise. These rules especially apple if you are a beginner starting out in fitness and sports physical training.

  • You should never feel any sharp pains.
  • You should always be capable of comfortably doing at least 5 reps. unless an exercise prescribed less (stretching or explosive exercise)
  • Raise reps or weight to the point where the difficulty is simply challenging, not grueling. As a beginner, the body will positively adapt to pretty much any exercise stimulus you give it assuming proper technique, so don’t feel pressured to have to destroy your body and feel pain in order to make progress.
  • If you’re unsure whether you’re doing an exercise correctly, refer back to the exercise demo. Make sure your movement and overall form look similar to the provided exercise demo. To see the exercise demo, tap the “Demo” button in the “Exercise Card”.
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