This quick post is to fix Branch deep links on iOS 13 using Apple’s new SceneDelegate API. For some reason Branch does not document these key changes required for iOS 13 app developers.

The answer came from other developers with similar issues on Firebase’s app linking feature:

This is very important for SuperFit users because when coaches link athletes and clients to their workout program, users expect for the content to show up after installing and opening the app.

Currently, users have to tap the link twice in order for a link’s expected content to show up, not a good user experience.

I added this documentation issue on Branch’s github repo, and hopefully this saves developers a couple hours with this issue. In short, apps have to check for user activity in the SceneDelegate’s scene:willConnectTo:options​. If a branch activity exists, call Branch’s continueUserActivity method with the retrieved user activity object.

If you have any other dev questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Deep linking bug fixed on iOS 13!
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